sisha more danger than cigarettes

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Shisha smoking has become a trend in recent years, options are also varied and aroma of fruit aroma, mint until coffee.

Many thought that smoking shisha tobacco not as dangerous as regular smoking cigaret, because the water content is used in the act as filters shisha tobacco is harmful toxins. Users usually inhale tobacco smoke after the smoke passes through water bubble.

However, a recent study described in the Journal of the American Medical Association earlier this month showed that smokers actually sisha more nicotine than smokers inhaling cigaret!!

S. Katherine Hammond, Head of Environmental Health Sciences Division of the University of California, Berkeley who bothered to do research “hookah users better (or sisha) think twice before lighting the pipe. This activity is not without risk as long as they think. It benar2 not safe “She said.

The statement was based on research conducted on 27 students who used to inhale shisha for an hour in three different nights. Five students who are not in contact with the shisha also diturutsertakan in this study, but they should stay in the room with students who are sucking shisha.

During the previous 84 hours they must be free of shisha. then respondents who inhale shisha in it contains 10 grams of water and Al-Fakher tobacco. Result rata2 carbon monoxide is inhaled smoke reaches 42 parts per million (ppm), higher than that found at 17 ppm cigaret smokers.

Katherine difficult to know for certain forms of use shisha as what can increase the risk of heart disease or paru2. “Shisha probably will not make you paru2 cancer, but it will affect your health in other ways” he said.

Thomas Eissenberg, associate professor of psychology at the University of Virginia Commnonwealth explained further, he said that research shows suck shisha for 45 minutes the amount of tar produced 36 times higher than cigaret smoking for 5 minutes. “Tar contains the main elements of smoke that can cause cancer. Although not yet clear whether the types of tar in different shisha cigaret”

Edward Rosenow and colleagues from the Mayo clinic, said that despite being filtered by water, smoke shisha tobacco produced still contain toxic substances with high levels.

“So by using shisha smoking is as dangerous as cigarette cigaret”


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